Benefits: Cut changeover time and increase productivity.

ThriftChange® is Peterson Tool Company’s quickchange tool system that incorporates our ThriftEdge® product. The design uses a replaceable anvil for supporting the insert. The anvil locates the form of the insert relative to lateral and diameter datums. These engineered tools can provide quick change by removing one anvil and insert and replacing it with the appropriate anvil and insert for the next part, with limited adjustment. The overall height of the insert compensates for diameter adjustments. Utilizing this form of quickchange lowers overall cost because one holder covers almost all parts. Any subsequent parts simply require an anvil and insert. You can see why ThriftChange® dramatically reduces changeover times, costly set-ups, and machine downtime. By utilizing quickchange endslide tooling and ThriftChange® for the cross slide, changeover times can be reduced from 12 hours to 2 hours!